Military Housing for Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Marine Corps Base



Housing Rentals Off Base for Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Marine Corps Base

This housing is generally very expensive and the BAH Basic Allowance for Housing in Kaneohe Bay is zip 96863 that you receive will not afford you as nice as a house as you would get on base. Utilities are expensive as well. If your furniture is not in Hawaii by the time you move on base, you can use “loaner furniture” from base IE&L for up to 90 days if you live off base or in 802 housing.


The island of Hawaii is not cheap to live on and your utilities are no different. The closer you live to the beach, the lower the utility costs will generally be because of the ocean breezes keeping the house cooler.


You do receive COLA in Hawaii (Cost of Living). They give you a stipend depending on your rank and dependants because the cost of living is so much higher than in the states. You’ll receive this in your paycheck and can range from $225-$550, this is given out on a monthly basis.

Military Housing on Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Marine Corps Base

Base Housing: You will most likely want to live on base even if you don’t have children. Almost all of the enlisted houses are remodeled or new and they are just now starting into Officer housing. Many of these homes have ocean views or are just blocks from the beach. You will have an excellent community of spouses around you and it’s nice having all those utilities taken care of for you. You will want to apply to housing as soon as you get orders because the wait list can be months in the waiting. Of course living on base always has its own set of problems, which are consistent with every other base in the Marine Corps.

Check out the Ohana Military Communities link where you can search by rank or pay grade and check out the neighborhoods. If you get a house right away and your furniture hasn’t arrived, Ohana Military Communities will provide you with loaner furniture for up to 90 days. Much of base housing is under renovation currently.

We believe most of the photos taken are with their appropriate neighborhoods, but you can always check with Forest City to verify information.

Hawaii Loa: E1-E5. Click for Housing Photos, Housing Map and Housing Floor Plans. Resting on a lush hillside overlooking beautiful Kaneohe Marine Corp Base – and only minutes away from world renowned beaches.

Heleoa: O5 and Up. Click for Housing Photos, Housing Map, and Housing Floor Plans. Rich in history, beautiful spacious lots, and a magnificent view.

Klipper Villas: Click for Housing Photos and Housing Map.

Moloani: O1-O5. Click for Housing Photos, Housing Map and Housing Floor Plans. Duplex E1-E5, E8.  Four Plex E1-E5, E6-E9, O1-O3

Nani Ulupau: E5-E9. Click for Housing Photos, Housing Map.

Waikulu: E1-E5, E8. Click for Housing Photos, Housing Maps, Housing Floor Plans.

802 Housing: This housing is available for any family who wants to live on base, but they are a bit different than actual assigned base housing. Quarters are mixed between enlisted and officers. Rent is a set amount and if the BAH covers any addition over the rent, you get to keep the difference. Basic utilities are included just like in other base housing.

Relocation Assistance Program

Click for a Welcome Aboard Information Package. The Marine Corps base has a great page as well.