Benefits of Belonging to the Military

No Taxes

Any time that you are shopping at the Exchange or Commissary, you will never pay any taxes. However you do pay a hefty surcharge at the Commissary, about 5%, so evaluate prices carefully and shop around.

Base Living

Military families have the benefit of moving on base to live next to their peers. Many of the negatives repeated by others include living next to Marines which are either above or below your family in rank, and there are a lot more rules on Marine Corps bases which do not apply to those living in town. Many also have a false sense of security believing base to be void of crime, which just isn’t the case.

That being said, many of us choose to live on base to be near schools which are filled primarily with military children, support of the base and facilities, not having to worry about additional expenses with base housing including hefty deposits and utiliies, and of course the close friendships formed with other military spouses.

VITA Tax Assistance

Speaking of taxes, military members who receive training to do your tax forms! They will even electronically submit them for you.

Free Legal Help

Base legal is here to help for a number of things.

  • Drafting powers of attorney
  • Estate planning advice
  • Advice on family law matters
  • Reviewing contracts and leases
  • Notary services
  • Information on immigration and naturalization

Issues not covered:

  • Claims against the government
  • Criminal matters
  • DUI’s
  • Military administrative issues such as fitness report issues, etc.
  • Legal matters concerning your privately owned business

Mental Health & Counseling

You can get six free sessions out in town simply by calling for each issue that you are having. So if you’re having marital problems and problems with your children. That qualifies for two separate counseling issues, which means that you’d go 12 times. For more extensive counseling issues, you can get referred to the base psychologist.


Families United: Its mission is to Honor the Fallen, Support those who Fight, and Serve their Families through programs, events, and outreach.

Free YMCA Memberships: Did you know that you can qualify for a free YMCA membership if you are stationed by a remote military installation and more? There are a number of options available for military servicemembers and family members.

  • Families of Deployed National Guard and Reserve
  • Active Duty Assigned to an Independant Duty Location
  • Relocated Spouse of Deployed Active Duty Personnel
  • Respite Child Care for Children under 12
  • Community Based Warrior in Transition Units (CBWTU)

Discover Benefits

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